Hey Guys! How are you? Aspiring for career in Occupational Health & Safety?

Well, Today I’m going to interview Mr.Mahmood, Who has been in the field of Occupational Safety with more over a decade  now. A renowned safety manager who has worked all over middle-east.

He has worked in KSA, Egypt & Bahrain where he gave direction to many companies being in a managerial role to achieve zero accident/hazard safety culture. Today he runs an institute with the name AM training and consulting where he provides training on various aspects of occupational safety and health.

So, lets get started.

Me: Mr. Ahmed please let us know the importance of occupational safety in life?

Mr.Ahmed: Well, as a safety specialist what i would bet is working in Occupational Health and Safety allows you to make a difference by promoting a healthier workplace culture and reducing the number of injuries. If you enjoy assisting people, this is a rewarding career option for you.

Your primary responsibility as an Occupational Health and Safety professional is to guarantee a safe and healthy workplace. The duties will involve assessing and monitoring health and safety risks, inspecting facilities and workplaces, and devising risk-reduction initiatives.

This is a professional path with a lot of responsibility and a lot of room for advancement.

According to the journal Safety+Health, 74.3 percent of respondents felt their employment in Occupational Health and Safety satisfying.

What are the career prospects in Occupational Safety?

Occupational Health and Safety employment prospects are projected to be good in 2022, according to the most recent statistics. The growing concerns and laws concerning food, the environment, and workplace safety are increasing the need for trained personnel. Workers in this area may also expect to find full-time job, as 93 percent of them are already employed full-time.

Because many businesses demand trained Occupational Health and Safety experts, there are several career possibilities accessible. Here are some industries where you might be able to get work:

Organizations both private and public
Hospitals and health facilities
Plants for Retail Manufacturing
Construction \sFactories
Public Services
Hotels and restaurants
Companies that provide insurance.

How much demand does this field has for qualified safety professionals?

Well, as you can see due to present pandemic scenario, the laws are being tighten locally and worldwide in a strict manner, the need for Occupational Health and Safety experts has risen substantially in recent years.

This need will continue to increase as businesses and organisations strive to make their facilities as secure as possible for their employees and consumers. The province of Ontario has announced plans to employ almost 100 more health and safety inspectors to combat COVID-19 hazards in the workplace.

Because every company is required to comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations, the Board of Canadian Safety Experts highlights the necessity of having competent and qualified safety professionals.

Because of the significant costs associated with workplace accidents, more organisations are searching for skilled health and safety professionals.

The board provides two certifications: Canadian Recognized Safety Professional (CSP) and Canadian Recognized Safety Tech (CRST). These certificates are quite valuable since they demonstrate your professional progress and trustworthiness. It can also improve your chances of getting hired and lead to a higher pay.

Furthermore, CSP is the only Canadian certification recognised by various safety organisations taking from the USA, the with IOSH & National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH) in UK, and the Australian Institute of Health.

What range of salary can we expect for a qualified safety professional?

Certified Occupational Health and Safety experts globally are anticipated to earn a median of $36/hour, or $74,000 per year, according to Glass Door.

Starting pay is projected to be $20 per hour, or $39,478 per year. As you get more job experience, you may be able to advance and raise your pay.

Who do you think can be suitable for making professional career in this field?

People with good communication and interpersonal skills, in my opinion, are necessary if you are pursuing a career in occupational health and safety. Some duties may need strong listening and conflict resolution abilities, as well as the ability to appropriately record and convey information.

What are your suggestions for aspiring safety professionals?

The work in safety field is always significant, influential, and demanding. You need to raise your voice to stop/ get the work done to achieve highest safety protocol.

Professionals in this profession also need consult on workplace safety, conducting evaluations and making recommendations to enhance employee working conditions. This profession provides a direct and meaningful method to enhance the lives of individuals in your local neighbourhood.

Officers of occupational health and safety must and always ensure that workplaces are safe for employees. They enforce the law by performing inspections, investigating incidents, offering training, and issuing fines when a workplace is not up to code.

Well its quite challenging to create a win-win situation, but over a period of time it will be a cake walk with practical experience.

Me: Well, that was a fantastic review about career in occupational safety. Thank you very much for your detailed answers which are going to help aspiring safety professonals. Next time, I hope to do a thorough interview on the NEBOSH IGC. Looking forward to learn more from you.

Thanks Again!

Guys if you have any queries you can drop comments below and Mr.ahmed will be reply you about the same. Cheers! 🙂