To feel confident and competent to carry out the job as a safety officer. We at SafetyJam Provide you with basic skills and knowledge to identify and control hazards in the workplace. Also, To Promote a proactive safety attitude. Perform simple job safety analyses and risk assessments.

To brief about what occupational safety is, it is all about saving the workforce from getting injured or life-threatening injuries and help the labor force understand hazards involved in different types of field works in the construction industry. Also, apart from that, different tasks included maintenance of a clear record of guests and accompanying them until they leave the site safely by providing them with respective P.P.E.


Mainly it includes the provision of Personal Protective Equipments(P.P.E) to working laborers accordingly to relevant to the type of work, periodic health surveillance by using advanced types of equipment for workers exposed to high-risk hazards, maintenance of inspection and investigation reports.


So, Are You wanting to create a Career in Health and Safety?

The NEBOSH International General Certificate (IGC) inactivity Health-associated Safety is an internationally recognized qualification that will give you a broad understanding of key health and issues of safety. The IGC is NEBOSH’s preferred qualification worldwide and is progressively asked for amongst employers worldwide.